How to fix Ubiquity 0.5 compatibility issues with Firefox 3.6

I downloaded Firefox 3.6 the moment it was released and I must say the speed does improve tremendously. First thing I did as usual after updating its major release was to update all the extensions I had and to my very surprise, all the extension was compatible except Mozilla’s very own Ubiquity extension. I was taken aback as to why most of the third party extensions were already made to be compatible but not the Mozilla’s very own extension. For those of you not familiar with Ubiquity, it is basically a command line interface that simplifies common web interface like doing translation, searching for maps on the fly while you are browsing or writing up an email. You can head up to Mozilla’s Lab to learn more about it.

As I can’t live without it for the moment and do not know when will Ubiquity be updated to be compatible with the latest Firefox version, I digged around for some answers as to how to make it work and I will explain here step by step as to how to hack it.

Method 1 (if you have already installed Ubiquity earlier prior to 3.6)
When you are at the extension add-ons windows, you will notice that it will say that Ubiquity is not compatible with Firefox 3.6

What you need to do now is to go to Finder (If you are a Mac user) and edit ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxx.default/extensions/ file. If you are a Windows user, refer here.

What you need to do is to change the word “3.6″ to “3.7″. Save the file and restart Firefox. Viola, that’s it. Everything will work as before.

Method 2 (if you have NOT already installed Ubiquity before)
This will be a little trickier as when you go ahead and install Ubiquity, Firefox simply won’t let you do so and complain that you are trying to install an extension that is not compatible. What you need to do now is to type in “about:config” (without the quotes) in the address bar and you will see a dialog screen as shown below.

Go ahead and click the button, but be forewarned that you are now venturing into the heart of Firefox and any mistakes you make while editing the configuration might render it useless. Now do a right click and you will have a menu option pops out. Choose New->Boolean and enter “extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6” (without the quotes) and toggle the option to FALSE. You will see something like this:-

Once you are absolutely sure, go ahead and restart Firefox and go to Ubiquity page to download the extension and you can now safely use it without any warning on compatibility issues. You now have two options; either leave it as it is and happily use the Ubiquity extension with compatibility check turn off but taking a risk that you might install other extensions in the future that might not be compatible, or have the compatibility option turn on again by setting “extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6” to TRUE. If you do that, you need to follow Method 1 to edit the install.rdf file and restart Firefox. The choice is all yours.

Happy Ubiquitying! (If there is such a word) and I do not take responsibility for this hack. User discretion is advise.

Postscript: Please note that if you install directly from you might be getting Ubiquity ver 0.1 which is not the latest that they have. Maybe that’s because it might temporary be used in 3.6 but with limited functionality. For the latest you have to heads up to

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