iPhone – Who needs a netbook?

I admit I am an online junkie who spent most of my awake time being online whether is reading my feeds, searching for information, twittering or haninging out at facebook. I do it while at the comfort of my home, in the office, outside or even when I am driving. I used to carry around my netbook as I feel my Macbook Pro 15″ is kinda heavy and troublesome to be carry around when I am outside. I do carry around my Blackberry but I find it not a good experience when I wanna surf the web or engage in a conversation online.

Ever since I have an iPhone, that changes everything. No longer I need to carry around a netboook with me all the time. The web page rendering is superb for a phone (although I wish it has flash support…come on adobe and apple). I can reply email in an instance and get working done while I am sipping coffee at Starbucks. I can engage in skype conversations, go thru my facebook even doing chat in it, update my twitter plus many more 24×7 without worrying whether I am in a WIFI area or not. Superb thing is now I don’t even have to carry around my camera often as when I see something I like, I just snap it, post process it with either Camerabag or Camerakit and send it off to twitter, facebook or flickr in an instance. Is like a computer only that it is now pocketable. I believe sooner or later many will be dumping their netbook and will be carrying an iPhone or similiar phone like Android.

Best of all is the “Location Service”. Yes, many phones now has GPS built-in but none except maybe Android has use it in a new way. Now I can twit about things that is happening and show the location I am at, Snap a picture of my car and post it to evernote with a linking to the location of my car, check for the nearest movies nearby and see what is playing and many more. This is really powerfully stuff except I do hope Apple would come out with a longer battery life as a fully charge iPhone can’t even last me half day of heavy online usage and I didn’t even make any calls. And when I do need to use a laptop outside I can now do tethering with the 3.0 update when WIFI is not available.

By the way, I am writing this with WordPress app via my iPhone :)

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