The world is going upside down

Record earning, stock downed 10%; while missed earning, stock soared 10%.
WTF is going on here?

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Microsoft Surface Pro, why even bother

From Engadget:

That 64GB, $900 Microsoft Surface Pro you plan on buying next week? Maybe you should temper your storage expectations a bit, as the base model actually only allots 23GB of that space for use. The larger 128GB version offers a bit more space at 83GB, but is still losing a massive 45GB of space to the full Windows 8 operating system and various included applications.

Why even bother releasing a bloatware?

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A billion dollars in net profit per week is no longer good enough it seems

Via TechCrunch:

Apple generated more revenue in one quarter than Google did in all of 2012. Hell, Apple is getting close to generating as much revenue in one quarter as Microsoft does in an entire year. Perhaps even more incredible is that Apple made over a billion dollars in profit a week for the first time ever. Profit is the money you get to keep. You know, the kind Amazon doesn’t make. Or, to look at it another way, Apple generated as much profit in two weeks as Google did in their entire last quarter.

Yet with Apple posting a record of $54.5 billion in revenue and a record quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion, the stock fell 10%. What were the investors thinking? Are they high on drugs or simply too greedy that nothing is good enough anymore?

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An open letter to Apple on its App Store’s guideline

Dear Apple,

Your excuse reason for removing 500px was because it did not adhere to Apple’s strict guidelines on artistic nudity pornography. If that is the case, may I raise some complains to have the following apps remove from App Store and iOS devices for the following reasons:-

1.Ability to view nudity or pornographic materials

  • All browsers including your very own Safari.

  • All RSS Feed Readers such as Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, Feedly, etc.

  • All Social apps such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc.

  • All Photo sharing apps such as Flickr, Instagram, and many more.

  • All video apps such as Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion, etc.

2.Ability to send and receive nudity or pornographic materials

  • All communication apps such as your Messages, Whatapp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, to name a few.

  • All emails apps.

How about just restrict iOS applications to just games and some productivity tools and do away with Internet connection while you are at it, so your users will have no chance at all to view any nudity and pornographic materials?

Yours truly,

Apple Fanboy since 1999

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Lance Amstrong, the novelist

Manly Library @ Sydney, Australia:

All non-fiction Lance Armstrong titles, including Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program and Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion, will soon be moved to the fiction section.


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